Get to know us

We are Zach & Riley McDonald, the creative couple behind Ramblewood Co. Our vision is to turn ordinary events and spaces into imaginative, memorable slices of life. We can't wait to meet you and collaborate.

Zach & Riley have been married for nearly a decade and friends for many years prior. Their bond formed over creative endeavors early on in their relationship including Zach's art & design store, 86 Things, Riley's love for gourmet/gift-worthy popcorn creations, and many other decor, media and fine-art inspired endeavors.

Zach is a native to Florida. He is the creative mind behind almost every operation Ramblewood takes on. He has a degree in painting and drawing, and a minor in youth ministry. His art degree shows in his composition of all the things he makes! Running a day camp for years also taught him how to handle a lot and to multitask. He is a true artist in all he does, his cooking, painting, design, and ideas.

Riley has a background in teaching and nursing, but always longed for a career where she could have more freedom of imagination. Her natural ability to make people feel at ease and loved adds so much to a client-facing business and enriches the bond they create with each client they face.

Ramblewood Co. really allows their creativity to shine and be shared with the Chattanooga Community and beyond. Their love for textiles, furniture, floral, and food, brings this city the visual story-telling it deserves.

The vibrant couple are inspired most by their two hilarious children who make life so fun and full.

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